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| Last Updated:14/10/2020

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Hog deer rescued

  Source: The Sangai Express


Imphal, December 05 2014: A poacher who was catching wild birds was apprehended by officials of Forest Department and volunteers of the Sangai Protection Forum after they rescued a hog deer found trapped at Kumbi Pat. A joint team of Forest Department officials and volunteers of the Sangai Protection Forum today went around Kumbi Pat to check poaching activities and they found a hog deer caught in a hunter's trap. The deer was found with the left ankle of its hind leg severed, said Sangai Protection Forum secretary Salam Brajamani. After the wounded deer was treated by veterinary doctor Moirangthem Ingoba, it was handed over to Manipur Zoological Garden. It was reported that the deer was pregnant. In the course of the anti-poaching drive, one Heikrujam Jiten of Kumbi Tera who was found hunting wild birds was apprehended.



Hog deer rescued


Conservator of Forest (Wildlife) Th Mohendra Pratap decried the attempt to catch a hog deer listed in Schedule I amidst the intensive drives and awareness campaigns to protect wildlife. Stringent actions would be taken up against any one held for poaching wild animals, he warned. Similar anti-poaching drives were also carried out at Sekmaijin, Mayang Imphal, Uchiwa and Phoubakchao by a joint team of Forest Department officials and volunteers of the United Wildlife Protection Committee.


The team caught one Leishangthem Sanayaima who was found poaching at Khoidum Pat and the man was set free after exacting a certain amount as fine. Meanwhile, a deer rescued from Churachandpur has been handed over to Manipur Zoological Garden by Health Minister Phungzathang Tonsing in the name of his grandson Thangsolian.