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| Last Updated:23/03/2021

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Migratory birds flock Yaralpat

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 27 2015: Following restoration of Yaralpat , to some extent to its original shape, migratory birds have started arriving at the wetland after a gap of many years.

In olden days, Yaralpat was literally the abode of Kombirei flowers but the same variety of flower disappeared totally after the wetland was converted into paddy fields.

It was only some ponds were dug and the wetland was restored to its original shape by some extent that migratory birds start arriving at Yaralpat.

Kombirei Environmental Development Organisation secretary Y Binodkumar said that people used to cultivate paddy in different portions of Yaralpat till some years back.

The villagers gave up cultivation and instead dug ponds on account of declining crop yield.

He said that Kombirei Environmental Development Organisation was set up 11 people including himself who used to cultivate paddy in Yaralpat.

After contributing Rs 50,000 each, they dug a pond over an area of 12 hectares.

The Directorate of Environment was very helpful and provided all the necessary inputs in the process of digging the pond, Binodkumar said.

The organisation has been earning steady incomes by rearing fishes in the pond.

Apart from training members of the organisation on pisciculture, the Government has already put across a proposal for developing Yaralpat as a tourist spot.

"Till some years back, no wild birds or migratory birds could be seen at Yaralpat.

But migratory birds start arriving at the wetland after the pond was dug", Binodkumar said.

Now, Tingi (whistling teel), Thoidingam (Gadwall) and Meitunga (Pintail) can be seen at Yaralpat with naked eyes.

Moreover, Kombirei has been planted around the pond, Binodkumar added.