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| Last Updated:14/09/2020

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Mao village to celebrate “Dustbin Less Drive” annually

 By A Staff Reporter

IMPHAL | Dec 19

Source: Imphal Free Press

In order to promote cleanliness and a waste free environment, a village in Manipur’s Senapati district declared to celebrate “Dustbin Less Drive Festival” on December 16 every year.

Formally launching the Dustbin Less Drive Festival by buying all the dry waste- such as papers, plastics, sweet wrappers, all kinds of bottles, unused shoes, clothes etc generated within the village at Rs 20per kilogram, for proper disposal, the Kaibi village authority has taken a decision in this regard on Saturday.

Thus the village authority buys a total of around 8000 kilograms of mixed dry waste generated in the village and deposited at the village land before it was transported to an isolated location for further disposal.

The authority of the village which is presently exploring other (future) plans, has spent around Rs 1,80,000 (including transport and labour cost) in taking up the initiative from their budget.

Secretary Pukeho Athishu of Kaibi village authority when contacted said that they take up this initiative so that we do not requir any dustbins in our village. The idea is to educate the villagers so that the village can keep clean, he felt. read more>>