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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Meeting on the preservation of wildlife held

 THOUBAL | Dec 30

Source:Imphal Free Press

A meeting between the public representatives from Panchayat and Jila Parishad with officials of forest department, on protection of Wildlife mainly the migratory birds in wetlands under Kakching Range was held today at the conference hall of the range forest office Kakching Lamkhai.

In the meeting, the range officer, Kakching, N. Munal Meitei told about the importance of the roles that can be played by the public leaders mainly the Jilla Parishad members and the Prsdhans in the protection of the wildlife and the migratory birds. He urged that though the country has stringent Laws and Acts, without the participation and support of the general public, protection of wildlife will be impossible.

Munal also appealed to Moulabis of Majashids and the Pastors of Churches to spread the messages in their prayer days for protection of wildlife in their near surroundings. He also appealed to all the concerned to provide help in reporting to the Forest Department about all offenders to protect the Forest and Wildlife for the cause of our future generation.