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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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'Fire Ball' a trend setter in the hottest artificial hybrid chilli pepper

 Source: The Sangai Express / DIPR

Imphal, January 04 2018: 'Fire Ball', an inter-specific hybrid chilli pepper developed from the cross between Capsicum Frutescens, locally called Mashingkha and Capsicum Chinense, popularly known as Umorok, was introduced at a press conference, today by Rajkumar Kishor, who is also popularly known as 'Orchid Kishor' .

Introducing the newly developed artificial hybrid chilli pepper, Kishor said that the breeding trial was made in 2007 as a hobby and since then genetic stabilisation of the hybrid genotype was continued.

The 'Fire Ball', as claimed by RK Kishor is the first Indian artificial hybrid chilli pepper to have been developed from the chilli having high pungency and capsaicin (source of hotness of hot pepper) in the country.

'Fire Ball' a trend setter in the hottest artificial hybrid chilli pepper

'Fire Ball' a trend setter in the hottest artificial hybrid chilli pepper

He explained that the chilli is now stable after selection of the desired traits through ten generations and now it is ready for field trial.

Highlighting the details of 'Fire Ball', Kishor said that the artificially hybrid chilli has an average pungency of 287,400 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) with a mean capsaicin content of 1.80 (%w/w) in comparison with Mashingkha having average pungency of 107,200 SHU with 0.67% capsaicin content while Umorok 280,000 SHU with 1.7% capsaicin content.

Besides having high pungency and capsaicin, he said that the chilli will be a farmer friendly as it has been genetically improved and would require little effort in terms of hotness, productivity and resistance to diseases.

The hybrid is an annual seasonal that could be grown twice a year and harvest in August and December, he added.

Manipur is home to a number of chilli landraces or cultivators including prominent pungent ones the Mashingkha, Umorok, Uchithi etc.

He said 'Fire Ball' has been developed experimenting these chilli genetic resources so that example could be set to encourage the generations to come to utilised the genetic resources of the state for production of chilli as well as other varieties of hybrids having better pungency and other agronomic traits.

Kishor also informed in the conference held at his residence at Sagolband Bijoy Govinda, that to claim the newly developed as one of the hottest in the list of Indian artificial hybrid chilli pepper's list, 'Fire Ball' is set to participate in the Limca Book of Records and in the Guinness World Records.