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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Preserving forest: A lesson to learn from Phayeng people


Source: The People’s Chronicle

At a time when the environment is being harmed continuously by people for their own benefits thereby making the surrounding unfit for human settlement, people of Phayeng have been showing great effort to maintain ecological balance by protecting and preserving the Phayeng forest from degradation for the last 50 years.

Despite the fact that the forest has been under the protection of people of Phayeng, one thing that has upset the people is that the government on its part has till date not given any help in the effort. Nevertheless, people of Phayeng have not been disheartened and instead performing their duties of protecting the environment at the level best which has in fact become a lesson to be learned by others.

Speaking to this daily, Phayeng GP pradhan Angom Gojendro, who is also member of Phayeng Apunba Umang Committee, informed that people of Phayeng have been prohibiting anyone from cutting down the trees for the past five decades.

He further informed that the Umang Committee was formed to safeguard the forest and see that no one is engaged in felling trees in the forest. The 50-member committee engages 4 of its members on a daily basis to check felling of trees in the forest. “A fine of Rs 10,000 is imposed on anybody found cutting trees in the forest while an amount of Rs 5000 is taken as fine from an individual failing to report cutting of trees despite having knowledge of the incident.” read more>>