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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Shyamkumar seizes logs, destroys bird nets in Henglep

 Source: Sangai Express

CHURACHANDPUR, Jan 23 (DIPR): Forest and Environment Minister Thaounaojam Shyamkumar today inspected the forest areas under Henglep sub-division in Churachandpur district. The Minister was accompanied by K Angami, PCCF & HoFF along with forest officials of the Divisional Forest Officer, Southern Forest Division, Churachandpur.
Addressing media persons at Mualdak village situated 50 km from the Churachandpur district headquarter, Shyamkumar said that the people of the area must protect the forest to save the environment.
He said that people are still practising Jhum cultivation which is depleting the forest cover. He urged the people of the area to discontinue Jhum cultivation and follow guidelines of the State.
Stating that the area is filled with natural beauty and loaded with forest products, the Minister warned that those found indulging in destroying the forest will be booked by the Department under the Forest Act.
He also appealed to those who earn their livelihood from the forest products to seek prior clearance from the Department/Joint Force Management before chopping/cutting the trees.
The Minister dismantled several bird nets used for trapping in the area by the villagers. He appealed to the villagers not to harm birds which are also an important constituent of the ecosystem.
He also seized a truck loaded with logs along the Sejol-Vaukom road near Tuilienjang village. The truck was later handed over to the Divisional Forest Officer, Southern Forest Division, Churachandpur for further enquiry.