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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Wetland day observed in the middle of Loktak lake

Source: Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL | Feb 2 : The World Wetland Day observation was held at Loktak Floating Elementary School at Langolsabi Leikai, Champu Khangpok village of Thanga today. The program was organised by All Loktak Lake Area Fishermen’s Union Manipur (ALLFUM) along with Indigenous Perspectives.

Secretary of the Union ,Oinam Rajen said that the fishermen of Langolsabi bore the brunt of the Loktak Lake Protection Act and their dwellings had been burnt down by the state police and Loktak Development Authorities back in 2011, since then, the fishermen have been subsisting on their own.  They neither get any help from the government in regard to PDS items and free education for the children. In the 80’s the Chamfu Kahngpok village was registered in the electoral roll and recognised by the government as a residential area, votes were cast at Karang island. But, after the Loktak act, the village has been deemed by the government as encroaching on the lake. “ We have been part of the lake as long as I remember, we urge the government to review the Loktak Protection act and make it more fishermen friendly,” Rajen said adding that the concerned MLAs of the assembly constituencies adjoining the lake should take up the matter in the current assembly session in the interest of the public. read more>>