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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Senapati records highest in destruction of poppy plantation

Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Senapati, March 07 2018: Walking for two to three hours through the unfriendly terrains and dense forests of Willong areas, Khabung areas, Ngatan, Yangkhullen hill range, Sadim, Khongnem hills, Angkailongdi hill range in Senapati district has never been an easy task for those determined crusaders who have destroyed the record for highest number of "illicit poppy cultivation" and marijuana/ ganja plantation.

Putting out an astounding figure of poppy plantations destroyed, the district administration of Senapati has identified more places of such illegal cultivation.

More drives will be organized in different locations of the district, informed a source.

A campaign that kicked off in January this year has yielded endorsements and applause from many quarters including civil societies and the Chief Minister Biren Singh who took to social media to thank the Senapati district and especially the youths and various organisations for fighting collectively against the banned items.

Here, the serious need to educate and create mass awareness of the destructive effects of poppy plants and ganja in polluting the minds of the youth in the future needs to be considered by everyone.

It is worth lauding to the fact that the genuine efforts of the Senapati district administration led by Deputy Commissioner Athem Muivah in association with Senapati Police led by SP Pradip Singh, SDOs, civil society organisations, village leaders, eco-guardians, youth and students of different schools and clubs led the exemplary drive to eradicate the hazardous banned items.

So far, more than 250 acres of poppy plantation in more than 13 locations (which included 30 bags of ganja) have been destroyed and the district administration is determined to intensify the drive.

An updated figure recorded that 68 acres of poppy plantation in Willong area have been destroyed.

It has also been recorded that 45 acres of cultivation have been destroyed in Khabung, 35 acres in Yangkhullen area, 40 acres in Angkailongdi, 25 acres in Khongnem area, 30 acres in Nagatan area and 10 acres in Sadim 10 area.

Since the campaign began in the last week of January many organisations, villagers and leaders decided to join the drive understanding the serious effect of poppy cultivation.