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| Last Updated:23/03/2021

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AHTA ushered in for clean Ukhrul

 Volunteers of AHTA dismantle hundreds of temporary street vendors shed

Volunteers of AHTA dismantle hundreds of temporary street vendors shed

Source: Imphal Free Press

UKHRUL | Mar 19 : In order to keep Ukhrul town clean, the All Hunphun Tang Association (AHTA) took the initiative of dismantling temporary vendors shed constructed at the road side and footpath of the town. President of AHTA, Chonmi Raleng said that hundreds of temporary street vendors shed constructed at the roadside of Ukhrul town was dismantled today and the step has been taken up with an aim to keep the town clean and comfortable for the commuters. Moreover, the haphazard dispose of waste by the street vendors has led to blockage of drainage, he added. Chonmi also said that as part of AHTA Sanitation Campaign, some localities of Hunphun Tang has already been declared as ‘no plastic zone’. He continued that the additional CEO of Autonomous District Council, Ukhrul has also given official notification on March 15 to evacuate all the street vendors within three days from the date of orders. Meanwhile, hundreds of women street vendors today held a meeting at the premises of Ukhrul Town Hall and urged the contractor and authority concerned to complete the construction of the ongoing women market complex at Phungreitang, Ukhrul. President of Zaorano Sinshim Women Vendors Association, Onmila Mayirnao stated that the women street vendors were forced to occupy the footpath and sell vegetables on the roadside as the Zaoranao Sinshim was dismantled by the authority concerned for construction of the ongoing women market complex. She asserted that their daily hand to mouth earning will be hit hard due to the ongoing drive. The association consisting of more than 200 members of women street vendors are yet to get registered under the Small Town Committee (ADC Ukhrul) inspite of their various approach and attempts, she added. Onmila has appealed the chief minister of Manipur, MLA and ADC members of Ukhrul to kindly give the allotment to the deserving women vendors at the women market complex. The association has also appealed the Tangkhul Longnao and public to extend their support to their demands. President and colleagues of AHTA and chairmen and secretaries of 27 localities within the jurisdiction of Hunphun also appealed the authority concerned to give allotment only to the deserving women vendors.