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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Tech talk dominates MARSAC Special Session

  Tech talk dominates MARSAC do

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, March 23 2018: Chief Minister N Biren has called upon the officials of various Departments of the State to use scientific tools and technologies effectively in their tasks/affairs for the betterment of society. He was speaking as the chief guest at the Special Session of Manipur State Meet on "Promoting Space Technology Based Tools & Applications in Governance & Development" which was organized by Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre (MARSAC), Department of Science and Technology, Government of Manipur, Manipur Secretariat, North Block, at the Imperial Hall of Classic Grande, today. Observing that the implementation and effective use of scientific tools and technologies invented for enhancing the society, is paramount in the aspects of science and technology, Chief Minister N Biren stated that there is no meaning of adopting scientific tools and technologies in various Departments of the State if the officials/users cannot extract proper benefits from the machines for betterment of the society. He went on to say that if the officials/employees concerned can act according to the inputs given by scientific tools/machines, then ample benefits can be obtained from application of science. Regretting that the NIT campus in Lamphelpat is frequently inundated although it was built at a huge expense, the Chief Minister asserted that the inconvenience could have been avoided if appropriate scientific knowledge was applied while constructing the structure. He then asked the scientists community for timely intervention whenever there is any error in future construction works in the State. Expressing concern over the ever increasing exploitation of lakes and water bodies in the State, Biren maintained that his Government will try to bring back the original image of Lamphelpat in every possible manner. He lauded the role of Indian Scientists, more particularly ISRO, in promoting space technology and other aspects of science in the country and said that India is now very advanced in the field of science and technology. The Chief Minister also expressed gratitude to the scientists community of the county for providing Manipur University with the opportunity to host the 105th National Science Congress recently. Deputy Chief Minister Y Joykumar, while delivering the presidential speech at the function, emphasized the need of exchanging thoughts and ideas between Government officials and scientists. He went on to opine that holding interaction programmes between scientists and officials of the Government Departments in the State would be quite useful. The Government officials can inform the scientists about the type of machines they are looking for in accordance with their needs so that scientists will invent/develop the appropriate machines/tools to fulfil their (the officials) requirements, he added. IGP, IK Muivah, as Nodal Officer of Manipur Police, spoke on various law enforcement uses to be harnessed from Space Technology based tools. He stated that so far Space Technology, which basically provides satellite imagery for visualisation of terrain on Geographic Information System (GIS) platform, has been used for carrying developmental and environmental projects. He said that the Government is presently carrying out intensive drive against poppy and marijuana (ganja) cultivation which will be immensely benefited by space technology which maps out the areas where these plants are illegally cultivated. Satellite images with less than 0.77 of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) will indicate poppy plantation. Also satellite imagery will show whether the poppy plants are in harvesting or harvested stage. IGP Muivah said that with Satellite imagery, the area of poppy and marijuana cultivation in Manipur can be calculated and also compared in the coming years so as to ascertain the areas where the eradication drive has been effective. Often, poppy is cultivated deep in the jungle which is about 7 to 10 kms from the by footpath, he added. The IGP also spoke on the need of digital sand model for the State along with crime mapping for predictive policing. He stated that Manipur Remote Sensing Application Centre (MARSAC) need to work with the Police Department to develop the above projects instead of private sectors from outside the State working on it. The officer also spoke about the application of Space Technology in traffic management including the study of road work. He spoke on how Chennai manages traffic with CCTV, on road traffic personnel and with help from Google traffic for real time traffic diversions and personnel deployment and added that there is much scope for Manipur Police and MARSAC to work in the coming near future. Dr KR Manjunath, Scientist, SG, EOS, ISRO, Government of India and PLN Raju, Director, NESAC, Government of India also attended the function as guests of honour. Releasing of flyers by Chief Minister Biren, presentation of salient outcome of the technical session which was held earlier today, also marked the important events of the function.