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| Last Updated:23/03/2021

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Lily similar to Shirui Lily found at Khamasom peak

 Source: The Sangai Express / Mungchan Zimik

Ukhrul, May 21 2018: A Lily similar in appearance to Shirui Lily (Lilium Mackliniae) has been found blooming at the mountainous peak of Ngarei and Ngami Kaphung at Khamasom village, Ukhrul. The two mountainous hillock is situated at an altitude of 2000 metres above sea level. The region has similar vegetation with that of Shirui mountain peak (Shirui Kashong) with the soil covered with thick layers of humus on which the Lilies thrive. The Lily is pale and bluish pink in colour and has six petals. It was found flourishing at the hill top and looks similar to Shirui Lily which was discovered by Frank Kingdom in 1946. The Lily found at Khamasom mountain is about 1 -2 feet tall while the Lily that grows in the forest are found taller and bears more flowers buds. The mountain peak Ngarei is roughly 500 metres long with about 150 metres width while Ngami is slightly smaller. Lilies were found scattered abundantly on the two hilltops. The Lily has started flowering, though most are still at the sprouting stage. Lily is expected to fully bloom by the first week of June. Trekkers or visitors willing to track the mountain need to prepare and come ready with raincoats, boots and tents etc.