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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Lions Club of Imphal valley distributes tree saplings and plastic bins

 Source: Imphal Free Press.

IMPHAL | Jun 24 : In connection with Environment Month, Lions Club of Imphal Valley distributed 120 saplings of fruit bearing trees and six plastic bins at three different places today.

Speaking to media, vice-president of the club, Romi said that with establishment of Lions Club of Imphal Valley in the last three years, the club is taking the kind of initiative for the first time under one of the mottos of the club ‘save the environment’. He continued that there are four

Lions Club of Imphal Valley donates dust bins and tree saplings for PMR department, RIMS

Lions Club of Imphal Valley donates dust bins and tree saplings for PMR department, RIMS

mottos of the club and they are ‘engage the youth’, ‘save the environment’, ‘vision’ and ‘feed the poor’. The club will also be helping people who are diabetic including patients of paediatric cancer, he added. He further said that the club has distributed a total of 120 tree saplings and two plastic bins each at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) department, RIMS, Lamphel, Shemrock pre-school, Chingmeirong and Yaibilen Children Home, Keibi Sanapat, Imphal East. The bins and trees for PMR department, RIMS were handed over to its HOD, Dr. Ak. Joy and the same were distributed at other places to their respective authorities. Such programme will continue every year to save the environment, added Romi. He appealed the people to plant more trees and take good maintenance for the plants in order to make a pollution free society. He also said the lions will also inspect the trees monthly and will help in its maintenance. Members of Lions Club of Imphal Valley, Kamalpatni, Brojen, Ratan, Namiba, Gogo and others took part in the programme.