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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Impact of climate change? Black Scorpion sighted at Ukhrul

 Source: The Sangai Express / Mungchan Zimik

Ukhrul, July 01 2018: The rare Black scorpion, not known to many of the people of Ukhrul was sighted at Ukhrul town by a young lady at her residential home.

Speaking to this correspondent, Z Maun, at whose house the Black Scorpion was sighted said that new species are now seen at Ukhrul and this could be due to the climatic change.

She said, the Black Scorpion was found embedded between the carpets while she was cleaning her rooms.

She immediately collected the scorpion in her jar.

According to Maun, Black Scorpions feed on decayed wood and small insects.

The Black Scorpion is about 30gm in weight, with five pairs of legs and about 2-3 inches in length including tentacles.

The anthropod "Black Scorpion" looks like an Emperor Scorpion (pandinus emperor) which is found in arid tropical areas.

It might be mentioned that the venomous centipede belongs to the same family "anthropod" is also found in Ukhrul district whereas the existence of Black Scorpion is not known to the native people.

Talking to some of the town folks of Ukhrul town, most of them did not know anything about Black Scorpion.

Most of them said that the existence of Black Scorpion in Ukhrul could be due to climate change, although no scientifically study along this line has been conducted.

Some persons from the extreme northern and eastern villages of Ukhrul district said that though they have heard about scorpions from their elders they have not seen any yet.

The Black Scorpion lives and hides in rock or in decayed tree trunk.

Another woman named Awon and aged about 50 years with the rise in humidity, temperature and the clogged water in the surrounding areas, mosquitoes too have increased in many areas of Ukhrul town.

Five years back mosquito nets were not used in Ukhrul town but now such net has become indispensable to get a sound sleep.