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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Let us all join hands in conserving and protecting wild life: RFO Kakching

 Source: Imphal Free Press.


Staff of Thoubal Forest division set ablaze and destroyed several bird-catching traps at the front of the office of Kakching Forest Range today. The bird-catching traps were seized by staff of the forest division from various small lakes during its on-going drive which

Staff of Thoubal Forest division set ablaze several bird-catching nets

Staff of Thoubal Forest division set ablaze several bird-catching nets

commenced a month back. The traps seized were all illegally set up secretly by poachers and wild life traffickers. Speaking about the birth-catching traps, RFO, Kakching, N. Munal Meitei informed that staff of the forest division had commenced raids from September 29 onwards at several small lakes in Kakching district especially at Khoidumpat, Kharungpat, Pumlen Pat, Mourang Kom Pat and Tangjeng Pat. The bird catching traps were seized during the raids, he said. Munal further stated that although the poachers were able to escape taking advantage of the heavy fog during the morning hours, the bird-catching traps set up by them were successfully recovered and seized. “This has provided a spirit of enthusiasm to the staff of the forest division and the department has started devising new strategies to catch the culprits,” he said while adding that whether it is day-time or midnight, arrangements for maintaining constant watch and supervision to catch the culprits in action are being arranged. The RFO also informed that the owners of paddy fields where illegal bird-catching traps have been laid should come forward voluntarily and report the matter to the Forest department as under the eye of law, the owners are also liable to get legal punishments. Elucidating that even if the culprits managed to escape, the owners of the paddy fields can be arrested under the law, Munal Meitei further urged the owners to report any instance of bird-catching traps being found lain at their fields in the future. “If any of the paddy-field owners fail to report such instances in time, they will be personally held responsible for catching birds illegally and subsequently awarded legal punishments,” he warned. According to Wild life protection Act 1972, the legal punishment for illegally catching birds is either imprisonment for three years or a fine of Rs.25000 or both, the RFO informed while adding that along with drives to investigate shops and stores selling bird-catching traps, the department is also taking up measures to fully protect and conserve wildlife. “The planet is not meant solely for the human species and we should all be aware that maintaining ecological balance is an utmost necessity for our continued survival, so let us do our level best to conserve wildlife and protect the natural habitats of birds and animals,” the RFO said.  Even if events such as Wild Life Week are observed, if the people do not stop the illegal hunting or poaching of wildlife, there will be no benefits, Munal continued while additionally making an appeal to the public to refrain from such illegal activities and join hands together in protecting and conserving wild life.