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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Global warming delays arrival of migratory birds

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 20 2019: On account of global warming, arrival of migratory birds at Loktak Lake has been delayed while their departure from the lake has been hastened. Arrival of migratory birds at Loktak Lake has been delayed by 30 days to 45 days on account of the global climate change, said environmentalist Dr Kh Shamungou. During the British colonial period, migratory birds started arriving at Loktak Lake in October but since the last few years majority of the migratory birds arrive in November and December. And now the migratory birds which were seen in full strength in November and December are seen in December and January and the number of birds which migrate to the lake has also declined considerably, Dr Shamungou said. As the cold or winter season is becoming shorter and shorter, the number of days migratory birds spend in Manipur is also growing lesser and lesser, he said. Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) State coordinator RK Birjit said that Surit which used to arrive at Loktak Lake in April now arrive late. Likewise, Porom (Coot) which used to visit the lake in large flocks in September too arrives late and goes back early.
Nganu Mitngoubi (White Eye Pochard) which is on the endangered list is seen in limited number in the lake, observed Birjit adding that global climate change has seriously affected migratory birds. Notably, the State Forest Department, together with NGOs, carried out a headcount of birds at 50 places of Loktak Lake on January 15.