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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Heavy rain predicted this year

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 21 2019: The Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) Lamphelpat is predicting heavy rain this year after studying the changing climatic conditions as well as the rainfall pattern of the State during the past few years. Speaking to The Sangai Express, ICAR Agronometeorology Nodal Officer Dr I Meghachandra said that last year, the State received 1325.7 mm of rain, which was less than the normal 1473.9 mm of rain normally received by the State. Last year was also marked by great floods as well as drought like conditions. In 2000, Manipur received 1854.7 mm of rain. In 2001, the State received 1470.8 mm of rain, 1506.3 mm in 2002, 1505.0 mm in 2003, 1919.2 mm in 2004, 1479.2 mm in 2005, 1033.6 mm in 2006, 1522.0 mm in 2007, 1206.7 mm in 2008, 1021.2 mm in 2009, 1725.7 mm in 2010, 1536.3 in 2011, 1325.2 mm in 2012, 1639.1 mm in 2013, 1253.6 in 2014.1657.2 mm in 2015, 1852.4 mm in 2016 and 2439.4 mm in 2017.Pointing out that the State will most probably receive high amount of rainfall this year following the pattern of the past years, Dr Meghachandra said the normally predicted and accepted pattern of rainfall has also gone completely haywire. He explained that rampant deforestation in the hills will lead to grave floods if there is heavy rainfall, apart from impacting the agriculture landscape of the State immensely. He then opined that taking the changing climatic conditions of the earth as well as the changing rainfall patterns into consideration, it will be good to build dams at the streams on the hills as it will benefit the State in the long run.