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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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Barking deer rescued

 Source: The Sangai Express

Bpr, February 07 2019: One wounded barking deer known by the scientific name "Indian Muntjac" was rescued from Kumbi Senggrengpat (Uyung Makhong Core) and released to its habitat at Kumbi Senggrengpat by a team of RO Moirang after giving first aid yesterday. The locals of the area namely W Abung Meitei; O Dinesh Singh; Ch Inaoba Meitei; Kh Nongdrenkhomba Meitei and N Rapajan Singh from Kumbi Senggrengpat detected the wounded deer and was taken to the Kumbi Police Station after informing about the incident. Later, Moirang's Range Officer, L Babuyai along with other staff of Forest visited the Station and gave first aid to the injured deer before releasing to its habitat at Kumbi Senggrengpat again. A team of police led by Kumbi Police, OC, KS Brendon also joined the Forest staff in releasing the animal.