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| Last Updated:18/12/2020

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World Wetland Day : Experts ring out save water bodies call

 Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 01 2019: Numerous experts have explained that when a water body dries up or disappears, all the animals, plants and other aquatic lives will also disappear. Tomorrow, World Wetland Day will be observed all over the world under the theme 'Wetland and Climate Change' and the same day will also be observed at Sendra under the aegis off Loktak Development Authority. In connection with the coming event, various experts who are engaged in analysing steps to restore 23 water bodies of the State, told The Sangai Express that the death or disappearance of a waterbody or wetland will also result in the extinction of the plants and animals associated with the said wetland, apart from greatly affecting the surrounding and the people. Manipur University Life Science Professor W Viswanath claimed that while conducting necessary studies, the experts came across some wetlands which had been populated or encroached by people as well as others which had lost all resemblance of a wetland. He continued that the eventual drying up of the wetlands has resulted in the decline of Pengba, Sareng Khoibi and Khabak. On the other hand, Life Science Professor P Kumar said that the disappearance of wetland often leads to the extinction of the indigenous plants thriving in the area and the said plants often get replaced by plants from other region. Environmentalist and vice president of State BJP unit, M Asnikumar Singh in a statement issued to the press said that this year's theme is Wetlands and Climate change. The increasing demand and pressure on wetlands without understanding their nature and consequences have led to their rapid degradation, said Asnikumar and highlighted the importance of Loktak Lake. Its biological richness and uniqueness of habitat has resulted in its designation as a "Wetland of international importance" under the Ramsar convention, said the statement and added that Loktak lake and the area in its vicinity is one of the most important wetlands in the country. Loktak also plays a pivotal role in the socio economic life of the region, said the BJP leader and added that 60 percent of fish comes from this lake. The lake is however today facing increasing pressure from different sides and this has led to increased soil erosion leading to sedimentation reducing its water holding and water carrying capacity, said Asnikumar and stressed on the need to take up corrective measures to save the lake from further deterioration.