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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Plan to develop 'Bird Sanctuary' welcomed by PFA and UCT

 Source: The Sangai Express

Bishnupur, February 24 2019: People for Animal, Manipur has lauded the initiative of the State Government to build a Bird Sanctuary at Thinungei side of Loktak Lake, Such a noble initiative of the Government deserves appreciation as the sanctuary will not only provide shelter to the bird but also help in maintaining ecological balance, said a press release issued by L Biswajeet Meitei, managing trustee, PFA. He said that the sanctuaries will also help in improving the financial condition of the villagers as many nature lovers will visit the sanctuaries for sightseeing. Since time immemorial, Loktak lake has been providing shelter to several birds, animal and other species including the State's animal "Sangai", Biswajeet said, adding that such birds and animals haven't done anything to degrade the living condition of the villagers but help in preserving the lake. Saying that Loktak lake is not a property for one man or a group of men but for the whole State, he appealed all to support the initiative taken up by the Government to build the bird sanctuary. United Committee Thinungei (UCT), a conglomerate of 13 clubs, organisations and associations, has convened a public meeting for the supporters of bird sanctuary construction at Thinungei Keithel today. The meeting was graced by Environment and Ecology Department, Deputy Director, Dr T Brajakumar Singh; Technical Committee Consultant Manipur State Wetland, member, Salam Rajesh; UCT president L Jiten Singh; Kumbi College Principal, K Jugeshwore Singh; Indian Bird Conservation Network, State Co-ordinator, Rk Birjit Singh and Yenning Animal Foundation chairman Sapana Laishram as the presidium members. During the meeting, UCT volunteers announced that the committee has endorsed the move of the State Government to build a Bird Sanctuary in an area covering 103 hectare of land in Loktak lake encompassing some area of Thinungei. Speaking at the event, Rk Birjit stated that the proposed bird sanctuary will be the first of its kind in the entire North East region and would also generate employment for the villagers as many tourist will visits the sanctuary. Unlike National Park there would not be any restriction on entry by any individuals in the Bird Sanctuary unless the person doesn't use battery, poison or other chemicals that might deteriorate the environment while fishing. During the meeting several slogans like "Don't use inverter while fishing", "Save Loktak lake", "Save fishermen", "Build Bird Sanctuary at Thinungei" and "Birds too have right to live" were used among others. Meanwhile, a villagers of Thinungei who are against the Govt proposal to build Bird Sanctuary at Thinungei organised a protest rally at Tiddim road and later staged sit in protest at Ibodhou Loyalakpa Community Hall. Speaking to media person, JAC against the announcement of Bird Sanctuary secretary, Naorem Rupachandra urged the State Government to withdraw its plan of constructing Bird Sanctuary as lives of many fishermen would be affected by it. He then cautioned that extreme steps will be taken up if the Govt fails to pay heed to the demand.