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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Cleanliness drive marks commemoration of 'World Earth Day' at Maram Bazar

Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, April 22 2019: As part of the World Earth Day commemoration and in furtherance of its vision 2020 for 'Clean and Green Senapati', Eco-Guardians of Senapati (DBC Maram unit) organised a massive cleanliness drive at Maram Bazar today. Eco-guardians' volunteers from the Maram Bazar, youth and students' organization took part in the drive. In the cleanliness drive, the volunteers picked up the wastes materials left behind by the shoppers and residents while they also swept the street and gave it an altogether cleaner and tidier look. A huge pile of waste material was collected by the volunteers to be disposed later in a more appropriate place. Eco-guardians of Senapati is a district administration mandated organisation formed in 2017 under the leadership of the then Deputy Commissioner of Senapati, Athem Muivah, IAS. It is an exclusive club of 100 environmentally conscious students drawn out from the various colleges of the district, who volunteer their time to conduct cleanups, awareness and plantation drives. These volunteers are ably guided by the governing council comprising of 7 members. Ever since its inception, the organisation has been undertaking various pioneering initiatives towards environmental conservation and clean living in the district. The honourable CM of Manipur in 2018 acknowledged the role of the eco-guardians volunteers in the State Government's drive against poppy cultivation. Mentioned may also be made that Eco-guardians of Senapati has been chosen as the Ambassador for zero waste Himalaya.