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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Workshop on Water Scarcity in Ukhrul held

 Source: Imphal Free Press

UKHRUL | Apr 24

Ukhrul for Sustainable Development (UFSD) today organised a ‘Discussion cum Workshop on Water Scarcity in Ukhrul: Need For A Sustainable Water Policy’ at IFAD Conference Hall, Viewland, Ukhrul. The programme was supported by PHED Ukhrul. Video documentation (20 minute), ‘Traditional Ways of Managing Water’ was released and screened during the programme. The main discussion of the programme focused on the topic ‘ShiruiKashong Water Source: Issues and Challenges.’  NgaranmiShangh of Shirui Village who was appointed as linesmen in 1983 said that that 13 villagers from Shirui were also appointed as linesmen in the same year. He added that presently there are only six linesmen, four have expired, three have retired while the remaining six will be retiring soon. He said that they are yet to be regularised as permanent government employee. He opined that shortage of manpower in the department has greatly hampered in the smooth functioning of water supply to Ukhrul Headquarter. He also stated that the construction of PMGSY road from Shirui towards Mapum area has largely contributed in reducing the ground water level. The opening of PMGSY road has led to rampant felling of trees, thereby greatly disturbing the water source of the Kokthi Kong Stream source, he said. Presently, there are two sources of water namely Singuira Stream Source and Kokthi Kong Stream Source supplying water to Ukhrul Headquarter. Ukhrul Headquarter has total of around 5000 household with a population of around 45000. As per record, only 1500 household has water pipe connection.  More man power is required to take care of the pipelines from Ukhrul to water source at Shirui. It is learnt that the department has been reportedly employing 6 workers on monthly payment basis. The flash flood that occurred in 2016 has completely washed away the storage tanks at Singuira and Kokthi Kong and is yet to be constructed. The Shirui villagers especially the land owners in order conserve and protect the environment has formed an organisation called ShiruiKashong Area Forest Land Owners Conservancy (SKAFLOC) on August 18 2017. Around 50 land owners have registered to protect and conserve the ShiruiKashong informed ChihansingHongray members of SKAFLOC. He stated that SKAFLOC has been instrumental in protecting forest wildfire especially in the Kashong range.  Forest wild fire and deforestation and the consequent soil erosion in the Kashong range have also contributed to the diminishing of water level. Due to increase in population, the present water source is not enough to meet the needs of Ukhrul populace. Every year, acute shortage of water crisis is faced, especially during dry season.  Hence the need to construct Mini Dam for drinking purpose only is needed urgently on priority basis.