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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Solid waste management policy will be created soon: Th. Harikumar

 Source: Imphal Free Press


IMPHAL | May 13

“To resolve the prevailing inconveniences concerning disposal of wastes in the city, a ‘Manipur Urban Solid Waste Management Policy’ will be created. Efforts are being put to introduce it at the Cabinet to turn it into a policy and further implement it.”

This was stated by director, MAHUD, Th. Harikumar while speaking at a one-day workshop jointly organised by Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development( MAHUD) and Manipur Urban Development Agency(MUDA) under the theme, ‘Municipal Solid Waste Management Rules 2016’ and  ‘Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016’ at City Convention today.  

He said the workshop was held with the goal to take up an action plan to tackle the issues being faced regarding disposal of wastes at several towns in the State including Imphal city. The challenges now being faced concerning management of wastes cannot be met solely by authorities, he said. It will need cooperation from elected members and the public, he added.

He continued, in order to solve this issue, urban local bodies need to be sensitised. Lack of man-power and funds are one of the main causes behind the inability to manage wastes in Imphal city, he said. Another reason is the failure to properly follow the Manipur Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 and Plastic Waste Management Rules 2016.

Deputy director, Environment Directorate, Th. Brajakumar stated that the general insensitiveness of the public and the incompetence of the authorities concerned are to blame for the difficulties being faced in wastes management. For example, National Green Tribunal has expressed serious concerns against the excessive pollution of Nambul River, he said. They have even considered imposing of heavy fines unless efforts are made to protect the river, he further said appealing the public to take up responsibilities instead of waiting for some entity to do the work.   

 The workshop was attended by representatives of MAHUD, MUDA and urban bodies.