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| Last Updated:08/12/2021

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Rare Bird rescued in Tamenglong

 Source: Imphal Free Press



A rare bird identified as Baillon’s crake or Little crake was rescued and released yesterday by Rainforest Club, Tamenglong.

The bird was found trapped inside Tamenglong Indoor Stadium by member of Rainforest Club Tamenglong, Andy Gangmei along with his friend, Meirongjin Gangmei. After the bird was rescued, it was reported to Rainforest Club Tamenglong on May 11. The bird was observed for any injuries, and after confirming that its health was in good conditions, the bird was released in the morning of May 12 by Rainforest Club Tamenglong.

President, Rainforest Club Tamenglong, Ramhiamang Gonmei expressed heartfelt gratitude to the local individuals who cooperated with rescuing and releasing of animals and birds in Tamenglong district. He said Rainforest Club Tamenglong encourages the people to continue with this kind of work.