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| Last Updated:20/11/2021

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Over 50,000 saplings planted on World Environment Day

 Source: The Sangai Express / DIPR

Imphal, June 06 2019: For the first time in the history of Manipur, under the initiative of Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam, the World Environment Day 2019 was celebrated by planting more than 50,000 tree saplings within one hour in 950 schools and 80 colleges.

The joint initiative of the Education Department, Forest Department and All Manipur Working Journalists' Union (AMWJU) was not only about plantation of saplings but also monitoring the survivality of these saplings.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the mass tree plantation programme at SK Ideal High School, Konthoujam, the Education Minister stated that planting a tree sapling on the World Environment Day is very easy but making it survive, grow and attain its maturity is a big challenge.


Over 50,000 saplings planted on World Environment Day : with Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam

Over 50,000 saplings planted on World Environment Day : with Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam



He said that the Education Department in collaboration with the Forest Department and All Manipur Working Journalists Union (AMWJU) is all set to take up the big challenge of planting more than 50,000 saplings, and monitoring for the survival and growth of these trees.

Radheshyam explained that every sapling being planted has a name tag of the student, teacher and staff which indicates that these individuals are in charge of the trees planted.

The teachers and students are the owners of the tree saplings and it is their responsibility to nurture the plants to make it survive and grow until it attains maturity.

He highlighted that the target to plant more than 50,000 saplings was carried out in and around the educational institutions throughout the State.

Radheshyam said that it is the need of the hour for the students become a part of the positive change that is needed for the environment.

He said that afforestation and preservation of the forest are two important things to be followed in order to safeguard the environment.

He also expressed his delight on seeing guardians and elders coming forth to take part in the campaign.

He opined that involvement of people from all walks of life is a must for the society to advance.

He said that the Manipuri people since time immemorial have been celebrating the festival of Laiharaoba to please the Gods and Goddesses, known as Umang Lai in local parlance.

He explained that the name Umang Lai in itself defines the importance of the forest in the culture and tradition of Manipur.

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests Anurag Bajpai said that it is for the first time that such an initiative to plant more than 50,000 trees with the students, teachers and officials of all the educational institutions of the State is being taken up.

He said such involvement of a huge number of people will also help in creating massive awareness about the importance of environment and the need to safeguard nature.

He said that the planting of more trees and covering the land with green plants is the most effective way of fighting air pollution because barren land produce huge amount of carbon dioxide.

In order to safeguard the environment and make the earth a better place for all the species, he said that the most important and easiest way but at the same time the hardest part is to plant trees.

He also added that most of the saplings being planted today are of local varieties which are favourable to be grown in the state.

MLA Sapam Ranjan Singh, Education Director Thokchom Kirankumar, officials of Education Department, Principal, teachers, students and the guardians attended the celebration of World Environment Day, 2019 which was being celebrated throughout the world under the theme 'Air Pollution' .

As a follow up programme, a survey for the saplings planted yesterday will be carried out during the festival of Van Mahotsav in July and November to verify the number of surviving saplings.