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| Last Updated:20/11/2021

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Tree sapling plantation programme conducted

 Source: Imphal Free Press

Tree sapling plantation programme held at Bal Vidya Mandir Complex, Palace Compound

Tree sapling plantation programme held at Bal Vidya Mandir Complex, Palace Compound

IMPHAL | Aug 18

A tree sapling plantation programme was held today at Bal Vidya Mandir Complex, Palace Compound, Imphal. It was organised by the Shiksha Vikash Samiti as an event to mark the eve of the 1st meeting of its newly elected executive committee. The occasion witnessed the attendance of its president, Y. Khogen Singh; vice president-1, N. Munal Meitei; vice-president-2 Sunita Gupta; organising secretary, Sitaram Bhat, and general secretary, M. Chourajit Singh along with other executive committee members of the Samiti. Speaking on the occasion, N. Munal Meitei said, “To save our environment is the responsibility of each one of us in the Stat and as a mark to save the degraded environment, mass tree plantations are carried out everywhere in Manipur,” while also mentioning that a as a record this year, the maximum amount of tree sapling plantations programmes are being taken up by the various NGOs, CVOs, schools, colleges and several private individuals as compared to previous year. He also emphasised that plantation of seedlings and caring for them to survive is very important but the most important present day issue is to stop green felling i.e. to save the existing forests because presently, it is found that trees are cut indiscriminately in the hills which share about 90% of our state's geographical area. “It is impossible to conserve the environment and ecology of Manipur without conserving our hills; however, it seems that nobody is taking much interest in conserving and protecting the existing forests of Manipur and plantation activities are also seen taken less in our hill districts,” he lamented while mentioning that in Manipur forests are cut and cleared on a daily basis mainly for the firewood and other land use purposes at an average about 3 to 5 sq. km. While stating that major consumption of firewood is by the mushrooming brick fields, N. Munal Meitei further stated that at an average, a medium brick field consumes about 3 to 4 tons of firewood daily and annually it burns-out about 1000 tons and to stake up1 ton of firewood, about 30- 50 grown up trees are cut and thus a brick field is killing about 120 - 150 trees daily. “In Manipur, less than 60 percent of the population use improvised gas Chula and thus huge quantities of firewood are also used for various domestic consumptions,” he continued while adding that it is imperative to control such indiscriminate felling of trees in order to save the environment.