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| Last Updated::14/10/2014

Major Activity



Shree O. Ibobi Singh, CM, Manipur, Shree Th. Devendra Singh, Minister (Forest & Environment) Manipur, Shree N. Biren Singh, Minister (Irrigation & Flood Control, Youth Affairs & Sport) Manipur alongwith other Council of Ministers & MLAs taking part at tree plantation under Green Imphal City

For a healthy and balanced development of a nation, wealth in the form of material goods is, no doubt, necessary but congenial environment is just as essential. Modern cities are senseless pile of stone and masonry. Shut up in the masonry walls and conditioned to the smell of petrol umes, man in large towns lead a crumpled life. Our ancestors were highly appreciative of tree plantation. Emperor Ashoka was the earliest monarch who planted shady tress along he roads. In Manipur also some of the places of the road are known in the name of the persons who planted the tree e.g. Lilasingh KhongnangKhong, Gourasingh Khongnangkhong, etc. Roadside plantation was considered as the noble deed of the rulers and our forefathers.

Maximum quantity of the emitted air pollutants like carbondioxide, etc. by the vehicles is absorbed by the plant life, which in turn emit health giving oxygen. Thus, the plantation of trees in the towns and cities is not only essential for the aesthetic and beauty but also for healthy environment of the society. City development planning should be incorporated with plantation planning in the beginnings.