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| Last Updated::14/10/2014

Major Activity


Preparatory Workshop for all the State/UT ENVIS Centres

Preparatory Workshop for all the State/UT ENVIS Centres

A two-day preparatory workshop for some of the leading ENVIS Centres who have been assigned for ISBIED was held at EPTRI, Hyderabad on 7th - 8th June, 2010 to review the ISBEID database. At the two days User Workshop altogether twenty number of representatives from Orissa, Tamilnadu, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Nagaland, Delhi, Chandigarh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka and Manipur were present. During the workshop participants discussed about the constraints to get data as per existing modules. Most of the representatives in the workshop felt the need for revision of some of the parameters for fulfillment of ISBEID database. After thorough discussion, it was agreed to review certain modules for which data could not be availed easily. The revised module prepared during the workshop was circulated to all the ENVIS Centres to enable them to identify the parameters for finalization and also to get necessary inputs and information on the respective module.