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| Last Updated::11/12/2014

Major Activity


Environmental Sensitive Zonal Mapping of Manipur by using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques

ENVIS Centre, Manipur has developed an offline GIS data of different thematic maps like wetlands, roads, drainage, catchment, land use, land cover, district boundary etc. with mix digital data determining. All the available data has stored in a GIS with both abstractions mapping references: raster images and vector. Points, lines, and polygons are the stuff of mapped location attribute references.
ENVIS Centre, Manipur has used a new hybrid method of storing data to identify point clouds, which combine three-dimensional points with RGB information at each point, returning a "3D color image", like Catchment of Imphal River Map . All the possible information like coverage, land use categories, length of the streams, etc. has been done. Some other GIS activities has also done like
-       Generation of spatial framework in GIS environment for database creation
-       Georeferencing of Toposheet and map compositions
-       Identification of wetlands
-       Generation of base layers (road,river network,settlements,drainage and catchment   
-       boundary)from toposheet and ancillary data etc.
In order to view the Manipur GIS maps, please click  the following links